Website Template Design Guide

The website templates described in this guide are much higher quality and look 100% better than the do-it-yourself site builder templates that are available from the hosting companies.

Here are the benefits of using a website template:

  • Faster and easier than hiring and coordinating with a graphic design artist and web programmer to create a custom website or learning how to use a DIY website builder.

  • You can see what the site will look like before it is made with the template preview.

  • Less expensive than a custom design of equal graphic design quality.

  • Templates are 80% complete as soon as you purchase. All you will need to add is the content that will be used in the website such as the text and images.

  • With a website template there is no software to learn how to use unless you want to try your hand at HTML and graphic design.

Top website template providers:

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Looking for a completely unique website design?

A custom website design may be what you are looking for. With a unique appearance and the specific functionality that you need.

To learn more about custom website design, check out our custom website design guide.

Website template business categories:

A website template can be used to build your personal web page, small business website or even an online store!

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