Custom Website Design Guide

There are many choices when it comes to custom website design.

Going with a custom website design is a great way to get that unique look and feel that only high end websites have. They do however require a little patience and the willingness to pay a little more for that luxury.

Advantages of custom website design:

Appearance - A more professional and unique look and feel of the design.
Branding - Design elements that are exclusive to your website.
Flexibility - To specify the page layout, color palette, and structure.
Functionality - A custom design can have the specific functionality that you may require.
SEO - More flexable for optimizing the site for search engines.

Disadvantages of a custom website design:

Time - The design and development time is usually longer with a custom design.
Price - Typically more expensive that a DIY or template based website design.
Management - The website owner will usually not be able to edit the site unless a simple content management system is included AND the site owner is willing to learn how to use it.

Free advice for custom website builders:

If you decide to go with a custom website design, you should also consider...

A professionally designed logo. Most custom website designs also have a custom designed logo to complete that custom look and feel. A professionally designed logo is a great way to give your website that professional and custom appearance.
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An Internet Marketing Plan. What good is a custom website if no one can see it? A great way to get started is with a basic SEO (search engine optimization) service.
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