Video Marketing Services

Use professional video marketing services to increase your company's online presence.

These are just a few of the video marketing services that we offer:

Scripted Ads
Completely scripted and professional online commercials complete with voiceovers and music, designed to drive traffic and acquire new customers.

Video Profile
Overviews of a company, product, service or place, complete with personal interviews, designed to engage, educate and attract new business.

Video Testimonials
Professionally shot interviews discussing businesses, products or services, designed to build customer trust and loyalty.

Video News Release
Company announcements produced as professional news pieces, often delivered in conjunction with a traditional, written press releases.

Custom Videos
Professional video content customized to meet any client requirement.

Easily stream your video online over sites like YouTube.

Each of these services can be very useful to the small business owner. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular video production needs.

Video Gallery

Client - Dr. J. Michael Bennett

Video Type: 90 Second Company Profile

Description: This 90 second profile highlights Dr. Bennett's experience in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine in Sugarland Texas. The real life patient testimonials add credibility to his practice.

Client: DAC Group

Video Type: 60 Second Company Profile

Description:The DAC Group used this 60 second profile as a recruiting tool for potential employees, highlighting the benefits of working for their company.

Client: Capilano Fish Hatchery Vancouver Canada

Video Type: 30 Second Ad

Description: This 30 second ad highlights the beauty of the Capilano Fish Hatchery on Vancouver's North Shore, a popular tourist attraction.

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