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Website Design Process

Hot Website Design has a plan to help you to bring your website live quickly.

Feel free to call us at (305) 814-5146 if you have any questions about our design process.

Step 1. Consultation

We will schedule a time to discuss the needs and goals of the website. During this consultation we will also complete our client questionnaire to help clarify the clients web site needs. Payment is sent and a Website Design Agreement is signed.

Step 2. Concepts

Based on our initial consultation, we will provide up to five (5) different design concepts (mock-ups) that we believe would match the style that you are looking for. The client will have time to review the design concepts then choose and approve a design. Then we begin collecting the content (text and images) from the client.

Step 3. Design

Next we begin the process of inserting the clients content into the website. With this content and specifics we begin to customize the website concept that was chosen. The client will be able to view the design progress online. The final website design step will not begin until the design concept is reviewed and approved by the client.

Step 4. Completion

We will schedule a call for a final review of the website. After the client has approved the website design, and all payments are received, the site will be uploaded to the clients hosting server and will be officially online.

Step 5. Celebrate

Your business is now online. Make your announcement to your customers, friends and family. You now have a website that you can be proud of!